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Welcome the the Customer's Gallery! Here we feature work from various amateur and professional stencil artists using Embellishments stencils. Just click on the small picture to get a larger view of the work.
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fruit.jpg (26904 bytes)
cherubdome.jpg (29853 bytes)
Thanks to: Jeff Raum
"Muracles" Thousand Oaks, CA  
Jeff is a highly regarded mural artist. He has been a featured guest on Interior Motives, and also has his own exclusive line of outstanding stencils at .
Thanks to: Jody Sanchez

Jody is a skilled hobbyist who did a great job on this bathroom with some of our Rainforest collection. The plants really set off the work.

rainforest.jpg (30407 bytes)A note from Jody:
"WOW! How exciting!  I had no idea that was going to happen. My  intent was to show you how the project turned out since I had been writing for help when I started.  I am honored by your description "skilled hobbyist", this was only my second stencil project. Thank you again,  Jody
Thanks to: Carole Shearer
The Runaway Mom.
Drums, PA 570 788 3989

Carole used the 602 Urn, 619 Niche, and 603 Floral
Thanks to : Marsha Alessandrini
Cherry Hill, NJ

Marsha is a talented hobbyist who has apparently also gone "mad"! Email her at

fruitbasket.jpg (10667 bytes)

flower_room.jpg (56189 bytes)

503_teddy.jpg (51276 bytes)

Thanks to: Stacey Flowers
"Grand Illusions"
Custom Decorative Painting
Fort Worth, Texas
(817) 551-3838br> Email:   Check out her website
401_back.jpg (34162 bytes) Thanks to:
Nora Moeller
Yuba City, CA
(916) 755-3925   
Thanks to: Melanie Royals
"Royal Design Studio"
Chula Vista, CA
(619) 477 3559
Melanie is a fine teacher and has her own excellent line of stencils. Check out her site at
420hunter.jpg (33817 bytes)

window.jpg (20062 bytes)

Thanks to: Carol McGrath
"The Celtic Brush"
(978) 667 7253
A different treatment of our 407 Checkered Valance, using a faux lace effect, and 408 Window. The background scene was painted by Carol
Thanks to: Denise Eline  
"Faithfauxly Yours Decorative Finishes"
Bethlehem, PA
Click here to visit her website

blackbery.jpg (34684 bytes)

Grapes.jpg (30776 bytes)

Thanks to: Peggy Eisenberg 
Peggy did a fabulous job here with the 101 Farmhouse Grapevines on a painted brick wall. This was done as a custom commission at the Bing Crosby estate in the bay area.

Thanks to: Lynn Larkins
"Lynnier Concepts"
Milwaukee WI 53204
414 7650200

A creative use of our 623 Spiral Vine

623vine.jpg (20022 bytes)

lrg-tree-(5).jpg (70710 bytes)

Thanks to: Lisa Schmidt
"Fabulous Wall Finishes"       
Green Bay, WI

Lisa did a great job with our 316 Tree on this staircase, and with the 70567 Cockatoos and 404 Willow Boughs on the right.

Thanks to: Holly Carp
San Antonio TX
Holly did a great job with the 517 Stones, 708 Bamboo, and 308 Frogs

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