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Paint and Vinyl Applique Combination-

On a recent project for Above the Gate Dentistry in El Dorado Hills, CA, Sheri Hoeger painted a soft landscape mural for the children’s waiting area to complement the elegant surroundings. Sheri loves using Proceed Slow Drying Acrylics for her mural work. This beautiful new office, designed by Shain Davidson, incorporates state of the art technology with beautiful surfaces and artwork throughout. Outfitted with video games and flat-screen television, the waiting area for kids is enclosed by glass windows and door so that parents can see what the little ones are up to without having to listen to the resulting noise. The mural created a space that is inviting for children of any age, adorned with plants and animals indigenous to the area.

The glass door panels were the perfect place to incorporate a design evocative of the name of the practice . We opted to use decorative vinyl for this part of the project as it was a simple solution to glass application, which can be very tricky to paint on.
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Here’s how we can customize images for either SayWhat? or vinyl applique:

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Original image Rough Sketch Computer Mockup Final applied design

Click on images for enlarged view.

  • First, we located an image we liked for the basis of the gate and fence. In this case- this image was purchased from istockphoto, though graphics from the Dover Collection and other resources are also available.
  • After taking photographs and measurements of the panels, we used computer programs to arrange and modify the image to suit the project. This step can really help the client to visualize the end result. The design can be adjusted further as needed- note the the final design differs a bit from the computer mockup.
  • We used metallic bronze self adhesive vinyl for this gate, but adhesive vinyl is available in a wide variety of colors. You can even make it look like etched glass with a frosted vinyl.
  • Of course if you are using it on a wall or other easily paintable surface, a SayWhat? stencil would be wonderful as well, and you can shade and mix your own color or use a textured material for that extra pizzazz.
  • Let us know what we can do for you! It was great fun to attend Above the Gate’s opening gala to see the space in action! The whole office is beautiful and functional and shows that the staff there delivers over and above in every way!

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