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Create a relaxing place where you can enjoy a Zen moment!

The base coat: Kelly Moore 532-M Façade in eggshell sheen

The finish:

This finish that suggests a bamboo background is the easiest ever! Make a very transparent glaze with Golden Glazing Liquid and a small amount of paint. I used raw umber, yellow ochre and sap green to get a color just a step darker than the base coat. Dip and paint the glaze on vertically with a 2-inch chip brush, lifting off where you want a joint. When you start your next stroke, overlap with the brush about ½ inch. Stagger the placement of the joints so the size of the stalks will be somewhat varied. Continue in this manner, overlapping just slightly when you start a new row.

The Stenciling Technique:

Arrange our 404 Willow Boughs, to your liking. Stencil all of the leaves with sap green. Mix sap green with Golden Artist Colors Light Molding Paste. With a 2” putty knife, spread the green paste over the leaves intermittently, leaving some areas untouched to give the variation in color and texture.

The Lettering:

We’ve used our SayWhat? lettering in the Bavand font (available by request) and stenciled the Haiku with the same paint that we mixed for the glaze as described above. If you’re looking for the words to express yourself, see our SayWhat? pages for ideas and links to other quote sites..

Another option- we now have Chinese Calligraphy characters available by request. Below are some examples. Please inquire for others


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