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small98muralrgb.jpg (41958 bytes) This mural measures 8ft by 8ft overall, and was painted using about 30 different Embellishments stencils. See below for complete listing.
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311 Oncidium Waltz (in urn on pedestal)
312 Tango Vine (upper Right)
313 Tehan Toucan (upper right)
317 Architectural Motif (barely visible here)
402-3 Grape Cluster  (in urn on pedestal)
423 Leopard Spots (on right curtains)
513 Hill Template (island in background)
602 Spanish Urn (in niche)
603 Floral Bouquet (in urn)
608 Grande Urn (on pedestal)
609 Citrus Pot (to left of floor)
610 Camellias (in citrus pot)
611 Diamond Floor (can't miss it!)
612 Baluster (center left)
614 Trumpet Flowers (in opening)
615 Three way pedestal (on right)
616 Beveled Blocks (background at right)
617 Twisted fabric border (curtain top at right)
618 Fabric Drop (hanging curtain at right)
619 Simple Niche (at left)
620 Large Drape.. Sorry no longer available
621 Overall classic (background lower left)
622 Classic Border (border top left)
623 Spiral vine (at right in opening
624 Cherry Tree (in 609 citrus pot)
625 Eggplant, 626 Artichoke, 628 Apples (in 608 Urn)
634 Netting, 634, 635 Shells (at lower right)
These versatile floral designs can be arranged in an endless variety of ways. The circle shown here was painted on a display board and is about 44" in diameter. 

Stencils used are:
701 Mixed Floral Arch, 702 Floral Jubilee, 703 Trumpet Vine, and 704 Rose Hips. Also included are the the 723 Moths. The Mad Stencilist logo was created using our SayWhat? lettering.

Sierra_mural.jpg (24830 bytes)


This Sierra Mural, which measures 8 ft by 8 ft, was inspired by wildlife and plants I've found near, and even in the backyard of our home in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Stencils used are: (top to bottom, more or less) 
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503 Pine Boughs
515 Pine Silhouettes
513 Mountain Templates
514 Hill Templates

520 Deer or Buck
519 Bobcat
521 Raccoon
522 Mountain Lion

517 Stones (various places)

507 Clover with Shepherd's Purse (under deer)
501 Wild oats (to right of deer)
508 Fairie Lanterns (under bobcat)
509 Mixed foothill Wildflowers (to right of mountain lion)
502 Grass (under lion)
506 Sierra Shooting Stars  (to left of raccoon)
510 Spring Vetch (to right of raccoon)

516 Blackberry Vine (to left of raccoon)

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