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Below are some variations of the famous Farmhouse Animals as featured in Better Homes and Gardens Paint Decor magazine.
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Pigs Chickens Donkey Ducklings
This is our kitchen using the 401 Peaches and Peonies and 402 Grapes and Peonies, along with a plate stenciled with the 402-3 Grape Cluster. This room was featured in a recent issue of 1001 Home Decorating Ideas . Here I'm using my 701 and 702 Florals, along with one of our custom cut "SayWhat" lettering stencils
Here's another use of the 701 and 702 Florals, along with the 623 Spiral Vine (yes, that's a stencil) and "SayWhat" lettering.   This is a variation of the 206 Fruit Basket stenciled on a limestone backsplash.
101 Grapevines used over an archway. This wall mural features our large Tree (up to 8' High!), Raccoon, and assorted wildflowers. You can also see this featured with a related article at Go to our links  page. 

Complete list: 104 Birds, 105 Morning Glories, 316L tree, 501 Wild Oats, 502 Grass, 505 Vine, 506 Shooting Stars, 507 Clover, 508 Fairie Lanterns, 509 Wildflowers, 519 Racoon.

This mural, painted in a laundry room, includes the 408 window and 101 grapevines. The background scene was custom designed and is not available.
Two views here of the 109 Climbing Rosevine set and a variation of the 208 Rose Swag (over the arch window)

302_floor.jpg (50815 bytes)This hardwood floor was embellished with a combination of designs, including our 301 and 302 Leafy Potpourri and 410 Oak Bough. The paint is sandwiched between the sealer and top coat of finishes. ( See your local flooring shop for finish recommendations.)
Featured  in Better Homes and Gardens Paint Decor magazine

blackberry.jpg (37739 bytes)A variation of the 516 Blackberries. Many Embellishments designs can be used free-form in this fashion, strategically placed throughout the room.  . GBfruit_kitchen.jpg (30425 bytes)The Granite Bay Fruit Collection , 106, 107, and 108 were originally created for this Street of Dreams® kitchen and nook.  The fabric for this valance is a medium weight muslin. The Greek key is not available.  Interior design by Terri Shapiro of Design Interiors, Placerville, CA
305_cabinet.jpg (43262 bytes)Here's the 305 Newcastle Border shown stenciled over a ragged wall finish.   This Gazebo-like breakfast nook benefits from the 101 Farmhouse Grapevines and 201 Trellis. Our trellis is specially designed for ease of use at corners and flush against ceilings, and can b101_201fullroom.jpg (48486 bytes)e used horizontally or diagonally as shown.
405_post_small.jpg (3543 bytes)Another example of the versatility of stencils. This variation of our 405 Oranges was used inside at right, and then brought outside on entry pedestals for a striking effect. You can use Deco Art "patio paints" outdoors for extended durability and UV protection.

405_arch.jpg (14602 bytes)

hat_tools.jpg (32772 bytes)Our popular 528 Hat and 527 Hanging Garden tools, brought inside
acanthus_stofdrms.jpg (61445 bytes)The 303 Acanthus Leaves adorn a circular ceiling  inset at this Street of Dreams® show home.  Interior design by Donna Smith of Celestine Design Assoc., Folsom, CA.      Photo by Pat Livingston bathroom.jpg (18319 bytes)A cool contemporary look using the 414 Anything Goes. Nothing says stencils have to be "traditional".


Lampshades You can also stencil on accessories, as shown here. The lampshades accept acrylics. Plates, glass, or other ceramics can be painted with Jo Sonja paints with glass and tile medium added Plates

Lampshade designs used (L to R): 633 Dragonflies, 613 Twig, 423 Leopard Spots, 621 Overall Repeat.
Plates used details from 402 Peonies, 106 and 107 Granite Bay Fruit.

loslagoscabinet.jpg (81128 bytes)

This chest was stenciled with designs from our Los Lagos Floral collection.  The plain pine chest was first sanded, then finished with two coats of Country Colors Eggshell waterbased color stain.  Bottom molding was glazed using a mixture of the greens used in the design.   After stenciling, three coats of Jo Sonja Matte Finish Polyurethane was applied for protection.
Urn and Fruit This is the 608 Grande Urn filled with assorted fruits, flowers and vegetables from our collection. Mural Another view of the Grande Urn with elements from the 614 Trumpet Flowers,  624 Cherry Tree, and 616 Beveled Blocks to construct the wall. The background was custom designed and is not available. This was deliberately painted in monochromatic tones.
Fruit arch At left and right are various combinations of the 107 and 108 Granite Bay Fruit, and 401 Peaches and 402 Grapes with Peonies with 403 Sweet Flower Vine. Granite Bay

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