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Here is a step by step process of how the lettering is done. Joanie was kind enough to take in progress pictures of the work.  Click on any picture for an enlarged view.

journey.gif (33117 bytes)Step 1:
Joanie emailed us the dimensions of the room, the locations of windows and other areas to be left blank,  the text she wanted to put in, and some ideas of how she wanted it laid out. After several revisions, we settled on the format here. Keep in mind this is scaled exactly to the room dimensions, so there is little guesswork as to if it will fit right. Compare this with the finished job below to see how close this layout is!

blankwall.jpg (23020 bytes)

Step 2: Here is the wall prior to stenciling. It was prepped and faux finished. Make sure the paint is thoroughly cured before doing any type of stenciling

peeling.jpg (35039 bytes)Step 3:

The stencils are positioned on the wall and taped in place with masking tape. Since the letters are all pre-spaced, just use a level to make sure they're straight. When you're sure of the placement, remove the protective backing and burnish the stencil onto the wall. Then remove the clear material on the front, making sure the letter centers stay behind.

painting.jpg (32673 bytes)

Step 4: Stencil normally using your preferred method. We do suggest you do one section at a time as shown.

removing.jpg (30130 bytes)Step 5:

Remove the stencil carefully. The letter centers will stay behind- pick them out with an x-acto knife or other sharp tool as shown at right.

finishdetail.jpg (43191 bytes)Step 6:

YOU'RE DONE! Compare the picture at right to the advance proof sent above. The lettering part of this room took about 4 hours to complete.

finished.jpg (42045 bytes)

Hi!----wowwwwwwww  did the lettering work out just fabulous! The client loves it---it was super easy, (since you did all the hard work laying it out for me---I just followed what you did! Saved me many hours just placing it out!!!!)...Many thanks--fine, super, splendid job!!!!!
     Blessing, Joanie



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