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Brushes We feature a wide variety of excellent quality, moderately priced stencil brushes. Each brush is made from pure white china bristle with an enameled handle to make cleaning easier. The exact size you get isn't critical, but as a general rule, if your letters or graphics are 2" or under use one of the smaller sizes, 1/8-3/8", over 2" use a medium 7/16"-3/4", for larger letters or large areas use 3/4- 1", and/or purchase a roller kit.


Helps to burnish the stencil tightly to your surface. Brown.         $1.49


We also have available compact foam roller brushes. Basically a small paint roller, these are real time savers when you need an even application of paint over a wide area- great for lettering projects and large patterns.
Roller brushes work best for broad coverage on relatively smooth surfaces. For detailed designs, rough surfaces, or for shading effects we recommend using conventional stencil brushes in addition to, or in place of the roller.

  • Custom fit paint tray- good enough to use repeatedly, cheap enough to throw away when dirty.
  • Plus medium stencil brush

Check out our great DVD's! 

Decorative Paint and Plasters DVD

Learn six great finishes combining textures, paint and adhesive stencils. Decorative artist Sheri Hoeger shows you techniques and tips for decorative plaster finishes that can stand alone or easily be combined with lettering and ornamental motifs.



Stenciling Basics $19.95
Sheri shares many of her secrets to achieve beautiful results with conventional drybrush stenciling techniques. This video walks you through the basics of stenciling, and includes advance blending and shading techniques useful to an experienced artist.  52 Minutes

Click on image for complete description.
Complete set:
Add the Grapes, Cherries and Peonies stencil (402 as featured in this video) ,or similar 401 Peaches and Peonies

Stenciling DVD

402Grapes and Peonies $69.95 separately
401 Peaches and Peonies $84.95 separately
Stenciling basics only $19.95
DVD + Grapes and Peonies Kit   $79.95
DVD + Peaches and Peonies Kit   $89.95


Airbrush Basics

Airbrush Basics $19.95

Sheri Hoeger demonstrates the basic operation, maintenance and cleaning of the airbrush and its related equipment. Learn how to create special effects with masking tools and edges, as well as freehand effects, as well as using the airbrush with traditional stencils.
80 Minutes
$19.95   Click on image for complete description.



Airbrush Niche

Airbrushed Niche $19.95

Sheri Hoeger demonstrates more advance techniques, elaborating on the basic techniques from the Airbrush Basics volume, including shading for volume, frisket cutting, masking, and sophisticated color techniques. 90 minutes
  Click on image for complete description. Airbrush not included.

Add the 619 Niche and 918/919 Vase and Floral as demonstrated in this DVD, plus the DVD. $89.95

Airbrush niche DVD only $19.95
Airbrush niche DVD + 619 918 919 $89.95

Brushes and Paint
Type in the quantity of each you want, or use the checkbox, and then add to cart- you can adjust the quantities later if desired. You should have at least one brush for each color you're using.

1.99 each
$2.99 each
$3.29 each
$3.49 each
$3.99 each
    3/4 "
$4.49 each
$5.99 each
  Brush Sampler, one of every size… $19.95 (save $5.99)
Brush sizes may vary slightly
  3" Squeegee
  Roller Kit includes 3" roller, handle, tray, and medium brush $7.95
Check the ones you want and hit

Popular paint colors
$2.49 ea 2oz Click on small color sample to Enlarge

Check the ones you want and hit

DA19 Berry Red
  Moon Yellow  
DA197 Violet Haze
 Calico Red  
DA20 Calico Red  
  Gooseberry Pink  
DA27 Gooseberry Pink
DA92 Baby Blue
  Bright Green  
DA54 Bright Green
Burnt Sienna  
DA175 Plum
DA71 Gold
Desert Sand  
DA77 Desert Sand
  Bright Green  
DA91 Cashmere Beige
Mississippi Mud  
DA94 Mississippi Mud
  Napthol Red (Transp)  
DA104 Napthol Red
Slate Grey  
DA68 Slate Grey
Country Blue DA41
Napa Red  
DA165 Napa Red
  Antique Gold  
DA9 Antique Gold
Antique Green  
DA147 Antique Green
  Admiral Blue  
DA213 Admiral Blue
Note: Do to differences in computer monitors, color samples are approximate, use only as a general guide
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